Songs from Candyapolis

Rainbow Rollercoaster
Cross-Eyed John
Billie Weir’s Dress
Casper the Friendly Ghost
Little Cameron
Candy Apples
Snow Day
Baby Saves World
Anabel Says
October Lullaby


 Rainbow Rollercoaster

what if the rainbow was a rollercoaster
& all the babies got to ride in the sky?
would you believe that the angels were closer
& little baby jesus lit up the stars in the sky?
up in the heavens over lawrence, kansas
down in the valley, yeah, the valley so wide,
the monkey sings & the monkey dances
we’re taking our chances on the 4th of july
hey! ho! we!
we gotta go child!
elizabeth taylor & sophia loren
they had to get while the getting was good
who’da believed there’d be something so boring
as old uncle elmer just a-knockin on wood?
i really really wanta rock like i’m robbing
from the rich just to give to the poor
i wanta sing like ethel merman
over the hills, boys, she’s back for more

Cross-Eyed John

i said he ain’t got a brain, lord, he ain’t got a brain
you know that cross-eyed john ain’t got no brain
& if he makes a sound, that boy’ll be richmond bound
you know that cross-eyed john ain’t got no brain
i said he’s walking, talking, balking all god’s children home
you know he ain’t got no brain…
don’t talk of happiness
his heart has been a mess
he keeps saying a lie all day
from cleveland down to dallas it’s a trail of stupid malice
walking talking fat head cant be framed
mr. schuerholz on the cellphone got an earful
foghorn leghorn say that
“he ain’t got no brain, ain’t got no brain!”
& if he’s charred & burning
you’d hope that he’d start learning
but walking talking fat head cant be framed
buck o’neil & fleetwood walker
satchel paige’s traveling all-stars
shadow ball, the kc hall
cool papa bell
homerun johnson woulda lost one
turkey stearns & judy johnson
jackie robinson rose over all

Billie Weir’s Dress

billie weir’s dress
of white illusion
tulle completely
covers the sofa
in mrs. wilson’s
cozy cottage
on the west end of birmingham
years before vietnam
outside the vfw hall
they’ll be throwing rice
the hendersons from hoover
giving bad advice
and everyone is smiling
no one’s yet to blame
swollen baptist faces
give praise in jesus’ name
and they’ll be dancing in the clouds
twirling in a shroud
laughing out loud
daddy’s so proud

Casper The Friendly Ghost

by Daniel Johnston

he was smiling through his own personal hell
dropped his last dime down a wishing well
but he was hoping too close
and then he fell
now he’s casper the friendly ghost
he was always polite to the people who’d tell him
that he was nothing but a lazy bum
but goodbye to them he had to go
now he’s casper the friendly ghost
nobody treated him nice
while he was alive
you can’t buy no respect
like the librarian said
but everybody respects the dead
they love the friendly ghost
we’ll never forget
the things he learned us
we were mean to him
but he never burnt us
love lives forever
thank you, casper the friendly ghost

Little Cameron

there’s a little girl you know
and she’s always such good show
yes her name is little cameron
and of all the girls you’ll meet
she’s the one with big old feet
yes her name is little cameron
oh…how her eyes
shine like jewels
up in the sky
she’ll be there some fair july
for thee
let it blossom, let it grow
hold your tongue & wipe your nose
yes they cant hurt little cameron
they can blow up all new york
call our president a dork
still they cant touch little cameron

Candy Apples

If you do and if you don’t,
i don’t wanna see you cry
if you will and if you won’t,
cuddle up and say goodnight
if you hurt cause some boy’s a jerk,
i don’t wanna see you cry
and if that guy wants to sell you the sky,
i don’t wanna see you buy
candy apples….
i’m going up on the ridge
if your daddy gonna buy you a bike,
make you feel good and fine
but if he decides to teach you to ride,
you better go run and hide
binky bean counter
got a bowl of clam chowder
“money doesn’t grow on trees”
but the fishies in the chowder
wish that he would take a powder
“there’s more to life
than just them beans”

Snow Day

it’s a snow day
hallelujah it’s a snow day
you don’t have to go
i got trix up in my sleeves
tomato soup & cheese
thank ya mister please
i’m staying home!
and i open up the door
’cause i want to see some more
mama yells “heaven’s bells!
you’re letting in the cold!”
and when the sleigh is in the air
i find it hard to care
i got a smile face in a pile
up to my knees

Baby Saves World

they say that a baby
is gonna save the world
and oh if you ask me, i’m just the baby
the baby for the job
they say that satan, satan is a bear
and oh if you can hear me
the devil’s sleeping near me
and chappy is his name…

Anabel Says

anabel says
she hates the monsters
with their dripping red teeth
and their bad taste in clothes
why do they spend
their nights in my closet?
when there’s other scary monsters
they spend their days up in the town
anabel says
she’d like to be one
of those queens of the highway
with her thumb up in the air
gypsies & clowns
lay-freaks of the circus
atlantis is bound
to resurface someday.
anabel’s tired
& it’s time for sleep now
she puts on a brave face
switches on
her donald duck nightlight
and the monster looks out
from his place in the closet
sending his thoughts for
the sweetest of honeysuckle dreams

October Lullaby

oh the little baby
she is such a baby
she’s a little baby
she’s a little baby pants
in the morning early
don’t be in big hurry
see them as they scurry
like a squirrly to & fro…
the weeds, the weeds, the weeds
are calling from the bluffs
send me back my baby
she’s the light of autumn
send me back my baby
in the cool mountain breeze
no she don’t like fishing
she is only wishing
she could just be squishing
in her little baby bed
though I have no money
baby is my honey
all my days are sunny
she’s a funny girl it’s true


you and I
have this special thing
we both know
in the sky
clouds may come and go
but you and i will always find tomorrow
we can walk together hand in hand
through the garden
the garden wet with rain
we can travel anywhere together
birds of prey
pray for me tonight
in the day
everything’s alright
it’s okay, we’ll always stay together
mockingbird wish me luck
everything tomorrow…