Love Wounds & Mars released!

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Our new cd, ‘love wounds & mars,’ is now available on CDBaby, Itunes, and Amazon. The website has been updated, and you can listen to, and read about, the album there. We’ve made some videos that I’ll start rolling out tomorrow. ‘love wounds & mars’ is a document of the years and a true reflection of experience–some good days, some pretty rough.

I’m excited for you all to hear the songs. They’re quite good, if I dare say so myself, and the band is absolutely kicking. Actually, the record’s a showcase of some of my favorite Charlottesville musicians: Stuart Gunter, Bud Bryant, Tom Proutt, and Jen Morris make up the Crooked Numbers, and we’re joined on various songs by Morwenna Lasko, Charlie Bell, Aaron Evans, Matty Metcalfe, Doug Wanamaker, Wells Hanley, Jeff Romano, Paul Curreri, and Devon Sproule. The gospel choir assembled is made up of Jen, Richelle Claiborne, and the amazing Davina and Davita Jackson. Like I said, I’m very excited for folks to hear the record.

You can read what No Depression. says about ‘love wounds & mars’

What a couple of my songwriting compadres say:

Finely conceived and fully realized…a sonic landscape…a bordertown of the mind…slash lines smart like Dylan…the core at the center is this Keith Morris character: every song, he defines himself, how he deals with his world, views it, beats it, and is beaten by it.

On his first release, Songs From Candyapolis, he wanted to confound the critics, and he did. This new CD, “love wounds & mars,” is like a top-of-the-line classic album from the early 70’s, each song “belongs” as a part of the whole. The songs, the lyrics, are smart when you get around to it, but again it’s the sound, the instrumentation, the background vocals. Morris has made an album that makes the old new again without sacrificing anything at any altar. I get the idea he made exactly the CD he wanted to. Just like he did with the first one.
–Tom House, Singer/Songwriter

The first impression of a sonically sturdy jam session — sometimes a bash, sometimes a collective bashing — is completely satisfying. But Love Wounds unfolds to reveal a woven gut of lonely characters, angry towns, toll roads leading to highways that stretch out. It’s an album you listen to by yourself, a soundtrack for making your big plans to break the fuck free.”
— Paul Curreri, Singer/Songwriter