The Dirty Gospel review, Mark S Tucker, FAME

Keith Morris is back, and his sound’s a good deal bigger this time, right from the first cut’s kick-in (“Psychopaths & Sycophants”), much mindful of the Move’s “Feel Too Good”, Manfred Mann’s take on Dylan’s “Get Your Rocks Off”, and Happy Monday’s rave-up on John Kongos’ “Tokoloshe Man” (if’n yew, pilgrim, ain’t heard them thar brain-burning toonz, then yer waaaay behind!), pregnant with a groove so insistent it puts a new unholy lurch in the brontosaurus stomp.

That doesn’t mean he’s lost an ounce of that Lawsiana back porch soul, though, as “Pale Moon Rising” well evidences. The titles alone tell ya whatcher in fer: “Dopesick Blues”, “Prejudiced & Blind”, “Devil’s Stew”, etc., a potpourri of Woodstock Nation cynicism, cheek, ‘n down and dirty honesty. Then there’s the righteously wailing choir quartet and tear-the-frets off musicians, who do their damned level best to put the stink on the stank on the stunk, wallowing in gutbucket rock ‘n roll that’ll have ya starry-eyed and yellin’. Yep, ‘rock’ is most assuredly a lapidarian term and thus fits this rough ‘n cool bitchin’ lil’ ol’ gem to a ‘T’. Have a fifth of something potent to hand when you tear the shrink-wrap off and toss the disc in the player. –Mark S. Tucker, FAME