Passing away on November 7, 2016, a day before the election, the legendary Leonard Cohen missed the dawn of this troubling time in America known as the “Trump Era” by a single day. Yet his social consciousness and prescience concerning the cultural and political battles to come is alive and well in the outrage, cries for justice, and artistic vision of veteran Charlottesville, VA based folk/rock Americana singer-songwriter Keith Morris. 



“Writing, recording and releasing Psychopaths & Sycophants has been a cathartic experience. Something’s been unleashed. I have clarity of focus, an amazing group of musicians to work with, and my writing is going great.  Like I’ve tapped into a new frequency. We recorded 40 songs this year, and I’m thrilled with them, so yeah -- we have a lot of music on the way.”  

Morris’s first three albums, Songs From Candyapolis,  Love Wounds & Mars, and The Dirty Gospel, received great acclaim from press and fans alike.   Love Wounds & Mars and The Dirty Gospel both were included on several “Best Albums” lists-- from the likes of No Depression, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and others.

Morris was originally going to call his masterful new album “Trump Songs for Leonard Cohen” as a tribute to the venerated songwriter, but when Cohen’s estate wouldn’t allow it, he came up with the perfect alternative – Psychopaths & Sycophants, which Morris calls the “paradigm of fascism.”

“I started writing these songs in 2016 as Trump’s campaign gained traction,” Morris says. “Having grown up in the Deep South, and having studied the rise of Hitler, Trump’s fascist and racist agenda was not lost on me.  I knew immediately how dangerous he was, and began writing warning songs about him and his campaign. But then everything took on a more direct meaning a year later, when the Alt-Right attacked my adopted hometown."