Psychopaths & Sycophants

“[Psychopaths & Sycophants] is one of 2018’s most satisfying musical statements.” 

“‘Thousand Mile Stairs’ highlights Morris’ ear for bringing dramatic lyrical content together with understated, and immensely artful, musical arrangements....This is must-hear for anyone engaged with music and our world today – it’s thoughtful, challenging, and beautiful in many ways.” 
// No Depression 

"Musically, Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers’ latest album, Psychopaths & Sycophants, is full of lush melodies built of celestial lap steel tones, airy acoustics, and smooth vocal harmonies." 
// The Ark of Music



The Dirty Gospel

"There’s hell-and-hallelujahs and swamp-rock grit all over this puppy. While the college kids are puking in the back alleys of the French Quarter, Keith & Co. are holding court in some smoke- and whiskey-drenched speakeasy between Bourbon and Royal Streets, laying down the Ten Commandments of Hard Luck Town. It’s difficult focusing on specific tracks because the entire album is a solid soul flogging from beginning to end. If you like your Tom Waits more groovy, if you like your Dylan ... and if you like your Tom Petty without Jeff Lynne, this is the record for you."

Jaimie Vernon // Segarini Blog

Love Wounds & Mars

“Finely conceived and fully realized...a bordertown of the mind...slash lines smart like Dylan...every song, (Keith Morris) defines himself, how he deals with his world, views it, beats it, and is beaten by it.”

Tom House // Songwriting Icon & Poet

Songs from Candyapolis

"Like some rambling, twisted Garrison Keillor children’s story where whimsical monsters battle Satchel Paige for sugary carnival treats, there’s enough lyrical inventiveness and good humor here to warrant multiple listens, and fans of the genre might find this a new favorite."

Cripsy Duck //

Live Candy

"The neat thing about the net label Clinical Archives is that I never know quite what I am going to hear. After all, who would have thought that mixed in with all the avant-garde, electronica, and experimental music would be this very down-home country EP that reeks of dogwood, cicadas and Hank Williams. Live Candy gives us a very live and very authentic country honky-tonk experience that defines the terms “Alt-country” and “Americana”."

Marvin //