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“At this point, I’ve written my own soundtrack for the Trump era,” says Charlottesville-based singer/songwriter Keith Morris, whose new collection of songs, “American Reckoning,” will be released October 2, 2020. “I hadn’t originally intended that, but Trump has laid bare all of America’s sins. If you’re a writer, especially one who’s been interested in illuminating those areas, it’s all right there for you.” 

Morris’s chronicles of life in Trump's America began during Trump’s 2016 campaign and was kicked into high gear with the 2017 attack on Charlottesville by the white supremacist “Unite The Right” mob. Just a few months later, Morris emerged with the au courant “Psychopaths & Sycophants,” which warned of Trump’s psychopathic narcissism and fascist agenda, and voiced a collective outrage over Trump’s embrace of white supremacy.

“Psychopaths & Sycophants” was heralded by critics, who compared it to the works of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan....


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Morris’s first four albums, “Songs From Candyapolis,” “Love Wounds & Mars,” “The Dirty Gospel,” and “Psychopaths & Sycophants” received great acclaim from press and fans alike. “Love Wounds & Mars” and “The Dirty Gospel” both were included on several “Best Albums” lists-- from the likes of No Depression, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and others. No Depression wrote, “Morris is a monster of a songwriter…. Who else could put together an album so personal and yet so universal?” I Can’t Believe My Ears said of The Dirty Gospel, “If the heavens opened and rained music down upon us, I am certain it would sound exactly like Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers’ new album, “The Dirty Gospel”….. Without a doubt, one of the best albums I have heard in a long time.”

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