Showcasing the best in poetic story-telling, truthful artistic representation, and all round musical prowess, this album – originally set to be called “Trump Songs for Leonard Cohen” – gives audiences a relevantly Cohen or Dylan-esque playlist of uplifting darkness and provocative reflections on modern life.”

Stereo Stickman

=Keith Morris=

Passing away on November 7, 2016, a day before the election, the legendary Leonard Cohen missed the dawn of this troubling time in America known as the “Trump Era” by a single day. Yet his social consciousness and prescience concerning the cultural and political battles to come is alive and well in the outrage, cries for justice, and artistic vision of veteran Charlottesville, VA based folk/rock Americana singer-songwriter Keith Morris.  

Morris was originally going to call his masterful new album “Trump Songs for Leonard Cohen” as a tribute to the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, but when Cohen’s estate wouldn’t allow it, he came up with the perfect alternative – Psychopaths & Sycophants, which Morris calls the “paradigm of fascism.” He explains, “Trump is the psychopath and the GOP members in alliance with him--Pence, Ryan, Devin Nunes, etc, who know better, but still support Trump in hopes of future rewards-- are his sycophants. Fox is their propaganda machine. Hitler and Stalin had their sycophants as well.  You see it in every fascist regime.” 


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