A song for the moment: "American Reckoning"

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“[Psychopaths & Sycophants] is one of 2018’s most satisfying musical statements.” 
// gashouseradio.com

“‘Thousand Mile Stairs’ highlights Morris’ ear for bringing dramatic lyrical content together with understated, and immensely artful, musical arrangements....This is must-hear for anyone engaged with music and our world today – it’s thoughtful, challenging, and beautiful in many ways.” 
// No Depression

"Musically, Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers’ latest album, Psychopaths & Sycophants, is full of lush melodies built of celestial lap steel tones, airy acoustics, and smooth vocal harmonies."
// The Ark of Music

“Keith Morris is doing what few artists dare to do these days, and with the help of the band – he’s doing it in an entrancing and memorable way.” 
// Stereo Stickman

“An instant indie classic.” 
// Cashbox Canada

“Keith Morris is making American music great again with his somber, heartfelt songwriting.” 
// Music Existence Magazine

“An indelible musical work embodying the Trump era of American history.” 
// NeuFutur





So, who is Keith Morris? Well, he’s a pretty darn talented folk/rock musician from Charlottesville, VA. If this album is any indication of the awesomeness of any of his past music, the guy’s a musical genius.”

Yvonne Glasgow // beat.com

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Passing away on November 7, 2016, a day before the election, the legendary Leonard Cohen missed the dawn of this troubling time in America known as the “Trump Era” by a single day. Yet his social consciousness and prescience concerning the cultural and political battles to come is alive and well in the outrage, cries for justice, and artistic vision of veteran Charlottesville, VA based folk/rock Americana singer-songwriter Keith Morris.