American Reckoning Lyrics

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American Reckoning Lyrics


Entitled & exploitative 
Unbridled & falsely stated 

The mean just never ends 

You told me all my life 
You can not bluff 
Look at you now 
When it’s on the line 
I’ve had enough 

Like Iago 
Swayed Othello 
Yo Yo Ma-ma 
She bows yr cello 

Her little darlings 
They’ve been carefully twisted 
Oh they’re perfectly charming   
Til there isn’t a witness 

The grand facade   
The full catastrophe 

You told me all my life 
You can not bluff 
Look at you now 
When it’s on the line 
i’ve had enough 

Your truth is a lie 
Hell it’s always been 
A wink & a nod 
And a means to an end 
Pious father 
Won’t you set yr scapegoats free? 
Like freedom rising over Selma 
With all deliberate speed 

They’ll rob ya 
By tribunal 
Even mob you 
At yr mother’s funeral 

Well they’re thoroughly canny 
We’re rolling post-traumatic 
Welcome to the family 
(This American family 
This American family 
Our All-American family) 

All rise! 
Here come the babyfaced tyrants! 


Tell me don’t you wonder                   
Just how much damage?                    
The flooding we’ll be under                
When this evil thing is through            

If the levees finally blow                        
I’m gonna sing my songs in Spanish     
Underground for the Black Brown          
Red white & blue    
And the caravans too                               

Welcome to The Occupation      
The rising of the new plantation         
Brought to you in full caucasian        
By Nazis and                                      
Fox & Friends                                      

Am i all alone?                                    
Can i get a witness here?                   
Have they cracked the code                
And blown it open wide?                 

I’m gonna tell it to you plain               
At the rate this thing is headed           
You’ll see Crystal Night celebrated      
On the 4th of July                                 

Fox has got the hen house swearing     
Allegiance to the wolf eyes glaring             
To lift the flight of trump’s red herrings        
(Red herrings)    

Things are gonna change 
Things are gonna change someday 
And I think of Dr. King                     
And hope he has not seen            
The shipwreck we’ve become        
This blighting of                                
The sun                                           
Inside us all                    

But i’ll say the reckoning is at hand       
God knows the reckoning is at hand      
An American reckoning                           
It is at hand                                            


Black sheep, black sheep 
You’ve been suffering the golden child 
Don’t think 
Don’t speak 
Either way you’ll be denied 

Black sheep, black sheep 
Take it from one who’s tried 
Cease & desist 
Save yourself the crime 

And the truth teller 
Must be opposed 
So what dwells in the cellar 
Won’t get exposed 

Gaslight gaslight 
They’ve been 
Twisting up yr mind 

Yeah you’re right 
To fight 
But all 
History will be revised 

Black sheep, black sheep 
This is how they 
Get their thrills 
Don’t think 
They’ll blink 
Hoping that you lose the wheel 

And the truth teller 
Shall be scapegoated 
While the smell from the cellar 
Grows hard not to notice 

Scapegoat scapegoat 
Welcome to the USA 
Broke as a joke 
Babies thrown in a cage 

And the simian groupthink 
Soon turns on another 
Go ask any shrink 
What it does to the othered 


I was born into             
The great southern wild 
My father a slaver 
My mother his child 

They stormed through the curtains 
And ripped her away 
A gift for the recently widowed   
Doc Graves 

Laughed it all off 
As a bad Penny tossed 
And agreed his wife needed 
A real diamond cross 

Mary Eloise Larkin 
Just adored her new broach 
Pastor Glenn deemed him 
A man beyond reproach 

I’ve been left beaten   
Just pleading in the dirt 
Told to stop bleeding 
Told not to hurt 
Face deep in okra 
Til i lost my lip 
You can look to the sky boy 
But you bow to the whip 

Now at his casket 
I serve by her side   
And leaning 
As if to ask it 
She commands that I cry 

“An uppity bastard 
An ungrateful son 
This utter disaster 
After all that we’ve done” 

Now the constable grinned 
As he spread his tale 
Said “The slave in old Jim 
Put a white man in jail” 

FLUTTERER (by Jamie Smith) 

Little flutterer little flutterer 
Inside of me 
Little one plucked from the dandelion tree 
Inside undercooked 
Served up to me 
Oh my lovely little mystery 

I wait by the river for the basket to float down 
A hundred or a million years 
I'll wait around 
I’ve heard you 
I’ve seen you 
But not with human ears or eyes 
It's a modern disguise 
A mystery 
Oh little one plucked from the mystery tree 

And I have already died for you 
And I have already been blamed for you 
And I am already saved by you 

It's hard to be human 
It's hard to be free 
Though you will be an American 
Don’t believe what they say 

It's a lucky one truly 
Who lives for the day 
And if you are an American 
They'll put you away 

And tell you you're free in leg irons & chains 
And they'll try and they'll try to take out your brains 
And then melt them all down to fuel warships & planes 
And then give you some pills because they think you’re insane 
But you can make the decision to throw them all down the drain 

And I have already done that for you 
And I have already fallen for you 
And I have already fought them for you 
And I have already lost them for you 
And I have had my back broken for you 
And I have had my heart shattered for you 
And I have gone insane for you 
And I have already changed for you 
So you don’t have to 

Little flutterer little flutterer 
Inside of me 
Oh little one plucked from the mystery tree